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Our North Dallas Auto Hail Damage Repair Shop services all residents in Plano and Richardson. If you need Paintless Dent Repair and Auto Hail Repair from the recent storm that passed through on April 21, 2017, look no further. The owner is committed to helping the Plano and Richardson Community with their auto hail damage repair needs. Our Auto Hail Repair Shop is located just a short drive down Central Expressway in North Dallas. Give us a call today to discuss your Hail Damage Repair needs! Auto Hail Repair Plano, TX | Auto Hail Repair Richardson, TX | Paintless Dent Repair Plano, TX | Paintless Dent Repair Richardson, TX

The service technicians that we have are certified and highly experienced in all types of auto body services including paintless dent repair, glass replacement, automotive painting, molding replacement and conventional paint and body repair methods. We can quickly replace damaged moldings, repair cracked paint, replace panels on the vehicle (ex. hood, roof, fender, trunk), replace broken glass and provide industry leading paintless dent repair to all vehicles damaged in catastrophic hail storms.

We Take Great Pride In Being Able To Provide The Following Services To Repair Hail Damaged Vehicles:
* Paintless Dent Repair
* Glass Replacement
* Molding Replacement
* Panel Replacement (ex. hood, roof, fender, trunk)
* Conventional Paint & Body Repair

Hail Damage Repair

When it comes to inclement weather, your vehicle can suffer some severe damage. This is particularly true in the event of a hailstorm. The body of your vehicle and exterior moldings can become severely dented, the vehicle's paint can be cracked and the glass can be cracked or broken. Repairing the damage from hail can become rather expensive and a very long repair process, especially if you happen to take the vehicle to a company that does not specialize in hail damage repair. At Top Notch Image, we are professionals in repairing the damage done to your vehicle from a hailstorm. We utilize several insurance approved repair processes, that are used by those in our industry, to get your vehicle’s appearance back to its original condition before the onslaught of the storm.

The Process

After a catastrophic hail storm damages your vehicle most vehicle owners find themselves overwhelmed, stressed and not sure of what to do. Once you discover that you have incurred hail damage on your vehicle you need to immediately contact your insurance company to start the claim and schedule an initial inspection by one of their representatives. Once the insurance company has inspected the damage and provided you with the corresponding insurance paperwork give us a call to arrange a time to drop off your vehicle for repair. When you drop off the vehicle we will need the insurance paperwork associated with the claim to ensure proper repair values were assessed and all damage was included. After taking in your car for repair we will compare the damage on the vehicle to the initial estimate completed by the insurance representative and notify the insurance company of missed items or undervalued repair items. Once the insurance approves any supplemental claims the repair process will begin. Once all items have been repaired your vehicle will be detailed and delivered back to you in pre-storm condition.

Why Is Paintless Dent Repair The Number One Choice In Hail Damage Repair?

There are several reasons why Paintless Dent Repair is the number one repair method that is preferred by insurance companies. Here are some reasons why insurance companies and vehicle owners prefer this method of hail damage repair to traditional paint & body methods.

The Many Advantages Of Paintless Dent Repair:
* Vehicle Retains Original Paint
* No Incorrect Color Matching
* No Body Filler Needed
* Repair Time is Minimal
* More Cost-Effective
* No Paint Overspray


What is the cost of your services?

The price of our services is dependent on several factors including the type of vehicle being repaired, the size of the dents, the number of dents, the type of metal being repaired (ex. aluminum or steel), what service will be used to repair the damage (ex. paintless dent repair, traditional paint & body or a combination of both) and the cost of any replacement items are all factors that will determine the cost of the repair. It is advisable that you file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible because hail damage repair gets expensive extremely fast.

How long does it take?

Most, if not all of the repairs are completed within one to ten days.

Is your service under warranty?

We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on hail repair vehicles

What happens if my initial insurance estimate does not cover the cost of the repair?

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to give a initial repair value that is not enough to repair all the damage caused by the storm. When a storm hits they experience a high volume of claims and they try to minimize the amount of money they have to pay out so they write claims at a 40%-60% repair value just incase you decide to not repair the damage. If you decide not to repair the damage they have saved the insurance company a ton of money. Another reason for poor valued repairs is the lack of repair knowledge by the insurance representative, poor inspection conditions or a lack of time to fully evaluate the car in totality. Here at Top Notch Image we are very experienced and knowledgeable about hail damage repair and will have no problem getting the necessary repair value needed to repair your vehicle properly. The most you, the vehicle owner, will have to pay for will be the insurance deductible and the insurance will pay the entire amount over and beyond the deductible.

What do I do should I find my vehicle damaged by hail?

* Contact your insurance company to start claim
* Make an appointment with your insurance company for them to complete initial inspection
* Contact us to schedule a drop off time for repair
* Bring corresponding insurance paperwork with you when you drop off vehicle for repair

Will a hail damage claim make my insurance rates increase?

No, Insurance companies classify claims into two categories: (1) Collision, and (2) Comprehensive. Hail damage is a comprehensive claim and is considered an act of God. Acts of God will not increase insurance rates.

Do I have to go where my insurance company tells me to go?

No...You can choose to have anyone you desire repair the damage. The shops that are recommended by your insurance company are under contract to collect your insurance deductible. Here at Top Notch Image LLC we are independent, meaning we can waive insurance deductibles and keep that money in our customer's pocket.

What if the damage doesn't appear to be severe enough to justify an insurance claim?

You would be surprised. In most cases the average amount of damage is around $3000. Many dents aren't readily visible to the untrained eye, especially when viewed outdoors in the sunlight. Our professionally trained damage appraisers will inspect your vehicle free of charge and advise you of hidden damage that could cost you later when you turn in your lease or trade in or sell your vehicle.