Will Your Insurance Cover Hail Repairs?

Hail damage is stressful, and it’s no time to be picking apart your insurance policy. Planning ahead of time if you live in a region with a lot of hailstorms can save you a lot of money in the long run. Here’s how to plan accordingly:

Will Your Insurance Cover Hail Repairs?

Does insurance even cover hail damage?

There are two main types of passenger car insurance: auto damage and auto liability. Texas requires any driver responsible for a collision to cover the costs, which all but requires drivers to have auto liability coverage. This pays for costs and damages you might be liable for, which usually comes from claims other parties make.

Comprehensive (or auto damage) coverage is less regulated, but that’s the coverage that pays for damage done to your car. It can be caused by anything from a collision, hail, or rocks that crack your windshield. Without this category of coverage, you’re generally on your own for making payments so make sure you have enough to both cover likely costs and fit your budget.

How can you lower your out-of-pocket costs for hail damage repairs?

It varies company by company, but some have special provisions for different circumstances and for the repair of different parts. Sometimes, for example, insurers will waive part of your deductible if you get your glass repaired instead of replaced. On other occasions, they may waive the deductible for body damage if you get paintless dent repair.

You can also modify your policy. Low deductibles and low monthly premiums are on the opposite sides of a payment spectrum: higher deductibles (or what you have to pay before your insurance company starts to help out) mean lower monthly premiums and vice versa. There’s not just one choice, either. You can have a high deductible for some types of damage and a low deductible for areas related to hail damage if your car is damaged every year.

Another good strategy is to get free hail estimates when your car has been damaged. While this isn’t something you can do ahead of time, getting the numbers for needed repairs can help you make a case to your insurance agent. Go to Top Notch Image to learn more.