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Four Tips for Driving in a Hail Storm


You never want to find yourself driving in a hail storm. After all, it’s not only damaging to your vehicle, but it can be dangerous for your own safety, as well. It’s best to be aware of when hail storms are predicted, thus ensuring you can avoid driving at these times. However, if you do happen to find yourself caught in a hail storm, here are four tips for driving through it:

Four Tips for Driving in a Hail Storm

  1. Pull Over in a Covered Area: The best option would be to pull over; ideally in a covered area so less damage is done to your vehicle and so you and your passengers can stay safe.
  2. Angle the Vehicle Properly: If you are not able to pull your vehicle over in a covered area, you will still want to pull over since visibility is likely reduced on the road. Just be sure that you angle your vehicle properly. Since the windshield is stronger than the other windows on the vehicle, you want the front of the vehicle taking the most heat from the storm. Hopefully, it can hold up, but just in case, it’s also important to sit on the floor of the vehicle and cover yourself with a blanket if possible.
  3. Use Your Low Beams: If the hail storm is not that severe, you can drive through it safely so long as visibility is not reduced. With your low beams on, it makes it easier for you to see the road and for others to see you coming.
  4. Get a Tow if There’s Damage: If damage was done to any of the vehicle’s windows during the hail storm, do not continue forward with driving. Instead, have your vehicle towed to have it repaired.

Do you need any hail damage repaired? Contact us today. We can even have your vehicle picked up and delivered for free! We focus solely on hail repairs, so you can be rest assured your vehicle will be returned to you looking just as it did before the storm.