Hail Damage Repair With The National Hail Team

When a catastrophic hail storm impacts a city there is always a supply and demand issue with
regards to damaged vehicles and auto hail repair outlets. When you think about it a hail storm
impacts thousands of vehicles at the same time and the owners of these damaged vehicles
need repair ASAP. The local dent companies, and body shops get overwhelmed very quickly
so we show up in the city damaged to provide our service for the retail public, dealerships, and
local body shops.

National Hail Team

Our auto hail repair technicians are certified, highly skilled, and have many years experience in
the auto hail repair industry. They travel to hard hit areas to repair the vehicles damaged in a
professional and efficient manner.


Why should I choose your company over the local dent company?
Many times we find the local dent company is more a “door ding” company than a “hail repair” company. Also they traditionally have accounts they work during the week which makes it difficult to schedule appointments with them.

Our technicians are experienced and available to repair hail damaged vehicles year round. When we show up the focus is 100% on the hail damaged vehicles which allows us to repair a large amount of vehicles per week.

Why should I choose your company over the local body shop?
Most body shops do not have auto hail repair technicians so they contract out the work to companies like us to perform the repair. With this being said it appears the local body shop is repairing your vehicle but really a national repair team like us is doing the work. Why would you want to talk to the middle man when you could deal directly with the company doing the repair?

How do you know where it hails?
We subscribe to a tracking software that notifies us where hail strikes.

What kind of warranty do you provide?
We provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty

How long do you stay in a city damaged by hail?
There are several variables but traditionally we stay between 1-3 months.

Where is your company based out of?
Dallas, TX

How do you handle a warranty claim once you leave the city?
We have fined tuned our repair process and have many built in quality control checks throughout the repair so our customers do not encounter issues with our hail repair service. It is very unlikely you would need to file a warranty claim with us but in the event that it should happen we will remedy the issue. If the warranty claim has to do with something a local vendor provided we will take care of the issue through them (ex. glass replacement). If the warranty claim has to do with our technicians then we will gather the necessary information and dispatch a technician from our network to correct the matter in question.

Are all hail repair companies the same?
Absolutely not! There are lots of reputable companies but like any industry there are some companies that do not conduct ethical and responsible business practices. We suggest you check with the BBB and get a demo of them repairing a dent if possible.