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Where to Check for Hidden Hail Damage


Some hail damage is obvious: a large dent in the hood, a cracked window, or a windshield covered in chips. But sometimes hail damage isn’t immediately obvious. This can be a hazard both when you’re on the road and previously unseen hail damage to the undercarriage or windshield makes itself known, and when you make a claim to your car insurance company: the longer you wait after a hail storm to make a claim, the more difficult it might be. Here is a list of places to check for less visible hail damage:

Where to Check for Hidden Hail Damage

  • Check the mirrors. Even if the surfaces are crack-free, double-check to make sure the frames are still securely in place and that the mirror itself is still secure. Also, rotate the mirrors using your door-side controls to ensure the motor works and nothing is jammed.
  • Open all of your doors, trunk, and hood. Even if hail doesn’t cause visible damage, it still might have struck one of the mechanisms holding your surfaces together. Check to make sure all of your doors open and close easily, since some bends might be invisible to the eye but still pose huge safety risks. The hinges and clasps for these parts, including the fuel door, aren’t visible but hail can reach them; check them over yourself and then take it to the shop for a free hail estimate.

Hail damage doesn’t just impact the appearance and resale value of your car. When the ice hits your windows, mirrors, and doors, the safety of your vehicle could be compromised. Do a quick visual check of these unexpected hiding spots for hail damage, and then bring it into Top Notch Image for a quick estimate and repairs.