3 Ways PDR Preserves the Integrity of Your Car’s Body

Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is a method of removing dents from hail damage. It’s increasingly popular because of its quick completion time and convenience. But it also keeps your car’s body stronger and with all of the original material. Here are 3 ways PDR preserves the integrity of your car’s body.

3 Ways PDR Preserves the Integrity of Your Car's Body

1. The tools prevent over correction or multiple adjustments.

There are a few methods for DIY dent removal, but they are very hit or miss. This can lead to over corrections that you have to adjust rebend back into position. This weakens the surface material and can crack the paint.

But trained technicians use special tools to safely straighten out the dents. They apply pressure on both sides of the bent surface to ensure the material isn’t under- or over-corrected. Your car is left with a seamless, damage-free surface.

2. There aren’t patches or putty.

Traditional dent repair services remove the damaged surface. This includes sanding off the paint and cutting away the dented body materials. Then the holes and sanded surfaces are replaced by putties or patch material and new paint. If you have a vintage or antique car, or a car with a unique paint job, the replaced surface won’t match the surrounding surface. Even worse, traditional dent repair can lower the car’s value. But PDR keeps all of the original material in place.

3. The surface isn’t vulnerable to deepening dents.

If your car’s surface is over corrected or adjusted too many times during dent repair, that area remains weakened for the rest of the car’s lifespan. Not only does it weaken the car body’s material, but it can also make the paint crack or wrinkle.

If you leave the dents without repairs at all, the areas will always remain vulnerable to increased damage. If the dent grows bigger or the paint starts to crack from subsequent impacts, the damage may grow too severe to quickly or easily repair.

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