The Importance of Having Your Car’s Dents Repaired

Over time it is inevitable that your car will acquire a few small dents. Some of the most common causes of minor car dents are strong hail storms and dents caused by other drivers opening their car door into your vehicle in parking lots. However, the problem with small dents is that many people’s first instinct is to ignore them or put off having them repaired, as smaller dents can seem inconsequential. However, if not taken care of these dents can turn into much bigger problems. If you have recently acquired a dent on your vehicle, here are just a few reasons to have it repaired.

The Importance of Having Your Car's Dents Repaired

Prevent Rust From Developing

The main problem with putting off dent repair is that when left unrepaired dents can lead to rust. Cracks in the paint caused by the impact that created the dent can cause water to seep under the paint and clear coat. Over time, this can cause the metal underneath to oxidize, leading to the formation of rust. If left alone for a long enough period of time, a relatively small dent that would have been fairly easy to fix can cause much more widespread damage.

Save Money By Preventing Larger Repairs

As we previously mentioned, having a dent repaired early can save you money by prevented rust from forming. Additionally, not only can weakened paint allow water to reach your car’s metallic surface, but continued exposure to wind, rain, and the sun’s UV rays can cause this weakened paint to crack, flake, and start to peel. Even a small dent can eventually turn into extensive paint damage to your vehicle that can not only look unappealing, but that can also be costly to repair. Overall, having a dent repaired as soon as you notice it will generally save you money in the long-run.

Maximize Resale Value

Not only can dents lead to underlying damage to your vehicle, but they are also unsightly to look at. This means that even small dents can affect your car’s resale value down the road. Having your car’s dents repaired will then help you to maximize the value of your vehicle should you go to sell it.

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