How to Protect Your Car in a Hail Storm

Hail storms can happen without warning. Oftentimes, there’s not a lot you can do to prepare your car for a specific oncoming storm; all you can do is have the tools ready to deal with it whenever hail happens. Here are two general situations to prepare for?

How to Protect Your Car in a Hail Storm

What should you do to protect your car if you’re not driving?

This situation is the safest possibility. While car damage can be stressful, at least you are safe. Here’s what you can do to protect your car, provided the hail is safe enough to step out in:

  • Drive your car into the garage. If you have space, this structure can protect your car the most.
  • Protect the windows. If you can’t get your car into an enclosed shelter, then protect the most vulnerable parts. This primarily means the windshield and the horizontal surfaces: the hood, roof, and trunk. Thick blankets and towels will work if you have extras in your house. They soften the impact of hail and disperse the force.

What should you do the protect your car if you are driving?

  • Find a safe place to pull over. The best way to do it, especially if most of your trips are local, is to know where you can find covered parking, such as in parking garages and at gas stations.
  • Protect your windshield with your floor mats. While mats don’t have the same surface area as blankets, they can absorb impact just as well. The extra weight also helps them stay in place without you having to bend your windshield wipers. If you have room in your trunk, store a few extra blankets so you can protect the other surfaces at a moment’s notice.

Unfortunately, no matter how well you protect your car, some hail can slip through the covers or dent your car’s panels before you find shelter. No matter how large or small the damage, go to Top Notch Image for a free repair estimate.