What Kind of Dents Did Hail Leave on Your Car?

If your car is stuck outside during a hail storm, the most important surfaces to cover are the windshields and windows. This can leave the body of your car unprotected, and you might come out the next day to a car covered in dents and scratches that look like they’ll be expensive to fix. But paintless dent repair, an increasingly popular and fast way to remove dents and dings by manipulating the surface material of your car, can take care of the damage. Here are the three kinds of dents that paintless dent repair can remove:What Kind of Dents Did Hail Leave on Your Car?

  1. Rounded dimples. Rounded objects, like larger balls of hail, leave sloping dents on your car’s surface. paintless dent repair can remove the damage by pulling and straightening your door, hood, or roof’s surface back into shape.
  2. Dings. Sometimes hail leaves behind glancing blows or the hail is too small for rounded dimples and pits the surface of your car instead. While these dents are smaller and usually not as deep as others, they do leave behind more abrupt bends in the metal, and that can crack the paint. Provided the paint is in good shape, this repair method can smooth out the surface.
  3. Creases on the car’s surfaces. Creases in your car’s frame are more tricky to fix because the damage is done to a larger surface area and the dents are at an abrupt angle. However, these dents usually aren’t a result of a hail storm.

Paintless dent repair is a valuable repair method because you can get your car in and out of the shop quickly. Even if you have a variety of dents and dings in your car, bring your car in for a free hail estimate and ask about how much of the repairs can be done painlessly. Contact Top Notch Image or schedule an appointment here.